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10-Man Squad Leader
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Hierarchical Information
Rank 10-Man Squad Leader
Troops 9
Division(s) N/A
Lieutenant No
Strategist No
Cavalry No
5-Man Squad Leader
100-Man Commander

When it's unit commander becomes a 300-man Commander then the Squad size of that unit becomes 10. The position has the same rights and responsibilities as a 5-Man Squad Leader.


The rank of 10-man squad leader is effectively the same rank as that of a 5-man squad leader, but for a 300-man unit.


It is impossible for the commander of a large unit to give orders to each member specifically. Squad leaders are appointed to make it easier for the commander to give commands to his army. The commander gives a basic order, the squad leaders divide that order into steps and give each member of their squad specific tasks, which is why the squad leader tends to be the one with the most experiences. 

They are also responsible for keeping the morale as high as possible, usually by rewarding and praising and, if need be, punishing poor-performing squad members. They need to be on constant watch and be sure that every member of the squad is ready to move at a moment's notice. 

The main part of the job is to keep the members of the squad alive while carrying out an order. They also need to teach Infantry soldiers how the army operates. 


The rank of 10-man squad leader is a great rank to gain experience. It tests the person in a variety of ways, such as how the leader deals with the stress of being in command over other people. The higher-ranking officers can see how that person responds with a variety of situations. Most important of all being, higher-ranked officers are able to see if the commander is capable of making life and death decisions. This rank is not only to gain experience but to give it by teaching others.


Because of previously gained experience, the commander has learned some basic skills, such as effective communication, organizational skills, time management, teaching discipline, as well as a weighted decision-making process.


On the battlefield, a squad of ten men is formed, where they are led by a squad leader. The 10-man squad is the second smallest unit in the Qin Army, but those ten men will always move together and share the same fate.

Career Opportunities[]

While being sometimes being underestimated, this position is very well suited for gaining experience and climbing up in rank. It is best to stay long enough to learn as much as possible, but not too long, otherwise, you might lose some opportunities.